Abdul Wahid Asim

Over the years Overseas Pakistanis have been instrumental in stabilizing the Pakistan economy. I have a great deal of respect for our people who work abroad and I am very proud that our company has played a significant role in exporting many of them abroad. 

But our mission is not yet achieved due to inflation in the economy, we must stand together. Fortunately, Pakistan is one of the few countries with a majority of young people in the population. 

Our young people are our greatest asset, and they have great opportunities around the world. They possess all the necessary skills to ensure a promising future on the international market. This is where our services come into play, assisting our people in emigration and finding the best job opportunities in their respective fields.

Our workforce ranges from high-level professionals such as managers, engineers, technical staff and general workers in a variety of industries. We ensure that our people work in exploitation free environment. Our objective is not only to become an excellent, effective and innovative emigration service, but also to contribute to national integration, community development and the betterment of our country. Let’s make this country great together.

Thank you.