One of the top employment organizations in Pakistan, Overseas Employment Bureau sends workers to all of the Middle Eastern countries, including the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. 

In Pakistan, we offer the top employment services and recruitment solutions. The business was founded with the ultimate goal of providing Pakistan with the most trustworthy foreign recruiting services and ranking at the top of Pakistan’s manpower recruitment promotional agencies.

With the greatest job opportunities and perks for our workforce, we have achieved amazing records in recent years by hiring thousands of employees across the Middle East.

Also, we have experience hiring highly competent engineers, technicians, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers for oil and gas production plants, refineries and most importantly, drilling rigs (onshore and offshore). For our international clients who are prepared to hire Pakistani workers in their prestigious organizations, we have special human resource resources available upon request, including recruiting, background checks, determining the genuineness of the personnel, etc.

After conducting a satisfactory study into the availability of labor for our international client companies, we recommend the necessary manpower and supply. 

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 The ultimate goal of our employee placement office is to lead the pack of Pakistani employee recruitment agencies by generating jobs in that country and expanding our recruiting agency’s clientele abroad through joint ventures.

We anticipate expert engagement in OEB and outstanding workforce recruiting chances for your growth and advancement through our devoted human resource team, which will be made possible by our distinctive range of workforce and our competent human resource advisors.